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The Best Squarespace Templates for Different Types of Businesses

Best Squarespace templates have a number of templates at the time of writing. These are divided into different categories. These templates are good as always. We think that Squarespace is a 5-star out of 5 for its design beating out competitors that include Wix and Weebly. 

And we’re not the sole person who understands that the Best Squarespace templates deserve the hype. It has been seen that Squarespace deserves the applause. It has so far won many awards, and it was the honoree for the best visual design aesthetic back in 2017. 

There is no doubt that the Squarespace’s template is good. Hence, still, you are not feeling sure about which one you should go for. And here we come in to save you. Here we are going to show you the best squarespace template for every category so that by the end, you’ll be ready to start Best Squarespace templates

Best Squarespace templates

1. Nevins- Best for Portfolios 

So far what we have studied, we have found that Nevin is the best Squarespace template for building your portfolio because of its clean, clear, simple, and aesthetic. One more thing maybe you are looking for is that you want a cluttered design with the Nevins template, as you don’t have to overcrowd your site. 

It will help you to put your work in the center of your horizon while forming a professional tone for your website with a number of white spaces.

We specifically like the fact that it includes a blog page for you to further make your visitor engaged and it also keeps your visitor coming back because of your fresh content. The in-built social media icons and contact page are also perfect for making it easy for clients to get in touch.

2. Zion- Best for Photography

We love the full-screen image of the Zion template’s homepage. It develops an immediate wow element and we will make sure that yourphotography Squarespace is the sole thing that visitors like to see. When you hang on to different categories, the background of the photos changes to reflect that collection, it’s an easy way to allure visitors to click through to see the portfolio work.

3. Hester-Best Online Store

Hester is an exciting way and it is a kind of modern Squarespacetemplate that is meant for online stores and is meant for easily customized to suit a wide range of styles. It is a large, simple section that employs color to make the product really pop, and keep visitors scrolling up to down with its bold clean layout. 

This kind of Squarespacetemplate has an inbuilt Shop Now call to action button on its homepage to engage customers instantly and a featured products section so you can easily display your favorite one. As with a dedicated About page and built-in blog, the Hester template encompasses everything that you require to start and grow your store.  

4. Paloma- Best Blogs and Podcasts

We know that full-screen images allow you onto the Paloma template’s homepage, but the actual reason we chose the Paloma template’s homepage. First, an in-built ‘latest episodes’ section makes it simpler for listeners to see your current podcast episodes, whereas a generous About section assists new visitors to understand you.

This Squarespace template encompasses all that you need that we especially like. It holds a built-in blog and a dedicated episode library. It consists of social icons that include YouTube, so you don’t need to face any problems in linking your videos to the channel.

Moreover, this template has a ‘Listen Now’ button that visitors can click and can reach the separate contact page, so it makes the website podcast-friendly!

5. Almar- Best For Professional Service

We recommend this template as we find this template best for professional service websites. We suggest this Squarespace template to you as it has really good big sections and banners that break up the pages hence, it is jam-packed with useful features. This template is great for balancing pictures and text and gives you an abundance of chances to show off to potential clients. 

In this template, you can add more testimonials, it also allows people to sign up for your newsletter, write a blog, and have options for listing any awards that you received so far. Moreover, you can also allow people to book appointments with you online. Additionally, there’s a spot on the homepage where logos can be easily listed on display!

6. Lusaka

If you have noticed then you might have seen that a lot of community and nonprofit websites look old and look so boring as well. But guess what? Lusaka is here to save you from all those old templates and will let you know that you can be both serious and stylish at the same time! 

You can also have big captivating images with plenty of images and white spaces that can help you put out important messages on your website. If you choose this template you can have everything super clear, with big titles and pictures that make visitors want to get involved.

We believe that Lusaka balances pictures and words together and makes your website stand out from others. This template allows you to display your messages and thoughts with real-life examples that people can easily relate to. 


In the end, Squarespace provides a superb range of templates that serve different types of businesses and website requirements. It’s a wonderful option that you can design in your own way. The Squarespace template has so far deserved a 5-star rating for its design feature, which surpasses its competitors like Wix and Weebly. 

The website builder’s excellence in web design has been recognized through numerous Webby Awards and honors for the best visual design aesthetic.

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