Transport & Logistics IT Solutions

Integrated logistics & transport IT solutions to meet client needs and add value to the business.

Logistics & Distribution

Our integrated logistics and transport IT solutions provide a single supply chain and distribution solution. With fleet management to include services like GPS tracking, driver scheduling, and road-side technology, our partners have the tools they need to proactively address client needs and add significant value to their business.

We provide a suite of technology solutions that spread across the logistics and distribution industry. Our technology is designed to help the inward and outward flow of goods from the manufacturing unit to the user.

NextUpgrad Provides Comprehensive technology solutions to increase real-time visibility, optimize processes, improve productivity and meet delivery benchmarks.

Significant Achievements

Tech solutions in transport & logistics industry to oversee the inward and outward flow of goods from the manufacturing unit to the user.

Logistics Mobile App

Travel application development for the Travel & Hospitality industry including Air Transport, Hotel Car Rental, Travel Management & Services all over the world.
Location Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence
Analytics and Insights
Easy to Implement Logistics SaaS
End-to-end delivery optimization

Delivery Management Software

Our best-in-class delivery management software enables smooth functioning of your supply chain and ensures maximum customer delight in the last mile.

Automated Logistics Planning

Plan your daily deliveries, order dispatch schedules, and assign delivery associates within no time

Advanced Delivery Route Planning

Our route optimization solution considers multiple on-ground constraints and plans optimal delivery routes every time, with dynamic routing on the go.

Optimal Fleet Management

Improving supply chain transparency, predictive analytics and real-time notifications help in making faster and better decisions.

Real-time Visibility

Manage your delivery fleet efficiently by planning and also plans dispatches by clubbing orders intelligently to utilize every vehicle to its fullest potential.

Success Stories

Whether you are looking for IT solutions for travel or hospitality industry, web portal or travel application development, you can choose from our pool of dedicated developers. Our experience and tech stack allows us to develop custom web and mobile apps. Here are our success stories!

Delivery Management Software

Deliver your eCommerce orders on time, every day. From order processing to inventory management and shipping, we’ve got you covered. Use our easy-to-use software to coordinate shipments at each step of the fulfillment process, from receiving and storing your inventory until delivering it to your doorstep.