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Develop custom e-learning solutions to drive growth, efficiency and high performance.

Education / eLearning

NextUpgrad is specialize in custom e-learning solutions to drive growth, efficiency, and high performance. Our goal is to ensure that your students get the most out of their online learning experience.

We provide customized e-Learning software development services that can change the course of learning for education institutes and students. We do this by creating professional software application development teams that are dedicated to the tasks at hand, designing innovative courses and designing the best e-learning software that the market has to offer. Our goal is to always bring value out of each project because education plays an extremely important role in helping us all advance through life.

NextUpgrad, a leading education software development company, has developed best-in-class eLearning solutions to enhance learning outcomes and ensure that learning never stops. Our team is dedicated to innovating in the design and development of cutting-edge online training and interactive learning materials, with the goal of providing the best tutorial and courseware possible.


Significant Achievements

Custom e-Learning software development services that can change the course of learning for education institutes and students.

IT Solution for Educational Industry

Nextupgrad is proposing a solution that provides immediate solutions to the business needs of small and large organizations by offering interactive training solutions. We build products and services for corporates and startups with a focus on systematized learning, student centered design & development approach, innovation in E-learning education, effective communication & collaboration. We believe that learning should be inclusive, interactive and efficient.
Exam Portal

School Management System

Our school management system is specifically designed for educational institutes, schools and universities to help teachers & school administrators to manage all student & curriculam related data through centralized platform.

Classroom Management

Features includes seating charts, lesson management, assignments, Daily Lesson Log, and more.

Attendance Management

Track attendance for students of each class and record absences with reasons.

Study Materials & Homework

Daily Homework tracking & uploads with Subject wise study materials.


Exam result declaration notice with Subject wise exam result of each student, parent control view.

School Library Management

Books cataloguing with its availabilty, issue & return records.

Transport Management

Avail transport service online with payment and checkout convient route.

Communication Tools

Ensure seamless communication between schools, students, teachers, parents through direct messages.

Fees Collection & Accounting

Online Fees payment for parent; easy for school admin to track accountings.

Success Stories

Whether you are looking for educational platform development, web portal or elearning apps development,you can choose from our pool of dedicated developers. Our experience and tech stack allows us to develop custom web and mobile apps. Here are our success stories!

Cloud Based K-12 School E.R.P Software

We are proudly partner with more than 25+ schools across India by providing them one of the most advance School ERP Software.

Highly customized 15+ Modules such as Online Fee Collection, Visitor Management and Integrated website management tool.