Retail IT Solutions

Retail industry IT solutions to create an omnichannel ecosystem aimed at increasing conversions and improving user engagement.


The retail industry is growing rapidly and we are here to help you leverage your technology resources and increase adoption of new IT systems. Our goal is to create an omnichannel ecosystem that provides customers with a seamless shopping experience and increases conversion through automation.

Retail is a technology-driven sector encompassing all the players involved in selling goods and services to customers, including online, offline, catalog and retail stores. Retail companies are using technology to remain competitive and create value for customers. End-to-end solutions from different companies should be interconnected with each other through advanced communication platforms like telemarketing and chatbots.

We create a harmonious and engaging digital ecosystem with a combination of carefully crafted software and services that empower retailers to do business the
way they want to.

Significant Achievements

Custom e-Learning software development services that can change the course of learning for education institutes and students.

IT Solutions for Retail Industry

Hidden Brains’, a retail solutions provider offers holistic support to retailers and organizations around the world to deliver excellent user experience and operate more effectively.
B2C E-
Retail ERP

Purchase Customized Product

Our Apparel specific product customization solution allows users to customize the product as per his/her own choice. This ensures complete customer satisfaction and reduce the order cancellation greatly.

Product Customization

Select products such as a suit, jacket, vest, cloth type, color, collar type prior to ordering the product.

Company Store Specific orders

Nearby Company Store Tracking by IP detection. The order would go to a nearby Store which reduces the shipping and overall operational cost for the company.

Direct Purchase

Feature to purchase the product without the option of customization as per the specific product category.

Order Shipping and Pickup

Place order and select Shipping address or Pickup from nearby Store to get cost benefits to the customer.

School Library Management

Books cataloguing with its availabilty, issue & return records.

Transport Management

Avail transport service online with payment and checkout convient route.

Share Customized Design

Option to share created customized designs with friends and family prior to making an online purchase.

Success Stories

Whether you are looking for retail it services, web portal or eCommerce apps for retail, you can choose from our pool of dedicated developers. Our experience and tech stack allows us to develop custom web and mobile apps. Here are our success stories!

All-in-one POS billing software

Key Features :
Increased sales due to better inventory management. Increased profits due to prompted suggestion selling, product tracking and targeted marketing. Speed and accuracy in the daily operations like reports, invoicing, purchase orders etc.